I have a master’s degree in journalism from Ryerson University in Toronto. Here is a selection of my works:

The Globalized v. the Marginalized: Medical Tourism in India – This is a preview of a documentary – my master’s project – exploring the impact of medical tourism in India, filmed in the southern Indian cities of Bengaluru (Bangalore) and my hometown Hyderabad.

Toronto’s Harm Reduction Movement – A feature article exploring “harm reduction”, an approach towards tackling drug addiction that focuses on reducing its harmful health and social consequences rather than criminalizing drug use.

Couchsurfing: sofa, so good – My reflections on my experiences using, a website that enables travelers to connect with locals and seek free accommodation and guidance.

City council votes to sell public housing – This radio piece, produced for Ryerson Broadcast News, explores Toronto City Council’s controversial decision to sell public housing units to raise money for repairs.

Offside: Discourses of racism and stereotyping in European football – This WordPress site was a group effort and explores racism and stereotyping in the world’s most popular sport, using theoretical perspectives gleaned from a graduate-level course in Cross-Cultural Communications.

Is Real Madrid’s €100 million Gareth Bale deal a financial folly? – Article for, the web’s biggest crowdsourced sports writing portal.
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