Radio: City Council votes to sell public housing

I produced and edited this story for Ryerson Broadcast News. This was a same-day turnaround story, with all recording, interviews and editing done in one work day.


Podcast: Merengue Bites

Available on iTunes, this soccer podcast caters to fans of Real Madrid, one of the world’s most popular soccer teams.

I co-founded the podcast in early 2014 with my fellow panelists, who are located in the USA, France, Singapore and Australia. We used to record an episode a week, and are now experimenting with a monthly format. Our episodes include questions and comments drawn from our 8,000-strong Twitter following.

Here’s a recent episode that I hosted:



Thanks for making it this far! If you’d like a break, treat your ears to this relaxing song that I composed and recorded. I’m a keen musician, and love working with audio and using sound to convey ideas and emotions.