Documentary Production: India’s Medical Tourism Industry

This documentary film comprised my Master’s project at the Ryerson University School of Journalism. It was entirely a one-person project — I researched the story and cultivated sources over several months, before traveling to India to shoot footage and conduct interviews.


Video Editing: Fio Corporation campaign video

I edited and subtitled this video — in English, Spanish and Portuguese — for Fio, a Toronto-based company that uses cloud technology to bring medical services to the developing world. 


On-Camera Interview: Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

I interviewed film and TV director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon (of Glee and American Horror Story fame) about his award-winning and critically acclaimed movie Me and Earl and the Dying Girl.


Client Product Promotion/Interview: Samsung 

During my time at Trend Hunter, I produced two interviews with Samsung’s Chief Marketing Officer Mark Childs. Samsung is one of Trend Hunter’s marquee clients.

In the first video, Childs discusses the Gear S smartwatch, Samsung’s culture of innovation and the future of consumer wearable technology.

In the second video, shot at a launch event at the Sound Academy, Childs introduces the S6 and S6 Edge smartphones and talks about how Samsung is fusing product design and functionality to appeal to millennials.